AIOT Open Cloud Platform Introduction

Platform Introduction

As part of the Xiaomi supply chain, Lumi has introduced several pieces of smart hardware, such as, multifunction kits, smart plug, air conditioning controller and more. It has achieved good sales numberson the Mijia platform due to its high quality and competitive prices. To further satisfy the needs of service businesses and corporate clients, Lumi has launched their own brand, Aqara, at the end of 2016. Aqara has a more robust product line, coupled with self developed cloud based control and mobile application, it is more suitable for smart homes and other Internet of things applications.

AIOT is the cloud based control behind Aqara’s productline. It is responsible for communications, control, automated settingmanagement between devices. To support third party companies researching Internet of things applications, Lumi built the AIOT open cloud platform in 2017. The platform shares data publicly, helping companies quickly join the internet of things and promoting complete smart home service upgrades.

The AIOT open cloud platform will always uphold the ideals of “Open, Altruistic, Win-Win”. The platform provides full life cycle technical service for third party companies, accelerating the development of IoT applications, reducing construction and operating costs and helping companies to make data their core value. Currently, over 100 companies have registered on the AIOT open cloud platform; covering smart homes, smart hotels, new energy sources, firefighting, education and several other fields.

Note: Lumi's names, signs, products and service names on the platform shall be the intellectual property rights of Lumi. Without written consent of Lumi in advance, you shall not display or use or handle the signs of Lumi in any modes. Any units or individuals shall not use, copy, modify, transmit, transcribe or sell with other products any parts of the intellectual property rights in any modes or with any reasons. For detail, please refer to Lumi AIOT Open Platform User Agreement.

Data open service

Currently, the AIOT open cloud platform provides two types of data open method. Developers can choose the appropriate method depending on their needs.

  • Cloud connection method

The AIOT open cloud platform provides HTTP, API for remote calls from third party applications, enabling user queries, device status inquiries, and remote control devices. In addition, through the message push service, the AIOT open cloud platform pushes the real-time data uploaded by the device to a third-party server. Cloud services are easy and quick to connect with and is cheap to develop; a server is all that is required. Please refer to the “Cloud Development Manual” for detailed information.


  • LAN connection method

Aqara Hub supports LAN connections. After enabling this function, developers can search for Zigbee devices (sensors, controllers, etc) through LAN connections. Compared to HTTP connections, LAN networks are faster; reducing control lag. However, development costs using LAN networks are higher and requires a third party developer Hub. Furthermore, the developer must have embedded development experience. For detailed connection methods, please see “Gateway LAN communication protocol”.


Full-lifecycle service

To improve development efficiency and lowering operating and maintenance cost, AIOT open cloud platform provides full-lifecycle service, including project design, software development, and system maintenance. The services are listed below:

  1. 1V1 Solution Inquiry: AIOT open cloud platform provides complete solution packages and case instruction. It can also provide design solutions customized for each client’s needs.
  2. Detailed Development Manual: AIOT open cloud platform provides a detailed development manual for developers, helping developers understand the development process quickly.

  3. Numerous SDKs and DEMOs: Diverse SDKs and Demos are sorted by function and are available for download. Developers are free to download these resources anytime.

  4. 7X24hTechnical Support: During the development, installation, deployment and maintenance process, AIOT open cloud platform provides 7x24 hour technical support; solving your problems quickly.
  5. Developer Forum: Provide a forum for developers, allowing them to speak freely: chat, share experiences, promote products.